Vega is a young Foxhound/Beagle x girl, approximately 18months old, who was running scared on the streets and dual carriageways over 2 months ago until she was finally caught. She had a slight injury to one of her legs which we learned was due to being hit by a car (no fault of the driver). She was unchipped, full of fleas and had a tight shoelace around her neck. After completing her mandatory 5 day pound time, Vega legally became ours. She was initially very shy and it took some time for Vega to feel relaxed and comfortable around us. She is sweet and gentle natured, a little unsure when first meeting new people but is always willing to become friends in her quiet way. Her greatest love is running around our fields, playing with her many doggy friends, though she has proven to be a bit of a Houdini on a couple of occasions as her houndie nose sometimes leads her astray 😄

Vega is now spayed, chipped and vaccinated and is now ready to find her perfect forever home:-

*A home with another playful, yet confident and kind dog to show her the ropes OR someone who is at home a lot that has the patience and is willing to put in the time to show Vega that the world is a safe place. Someone who is committed to gaining Vega’s trust and who has family or friends with dogs who can be relied on, if needed, and provide playdates, which Vega loves

*A fully, fully secure garden (hedging will not suffice) as Vega does like to go into the undergrowth for a nosey 🤪 and she can find her way under, through, around and over many barriers

*People willing to work at gaining Vega’s trust, as she is initially a shy girl

*As Vega can be a little shy at first, we feel a home with no very small children as their sudden movements may scare her but we are not ruling out a home with slightly older, respectful children around dogs as Vega has such a sweet nature

*Vega is not housetrained as living in kennels the option to go out when needed is not always available to her but any future home must be willing to expect accidents and willing to help her become fully housetrained

*A quiet but active home. Vega walks well on a lead and on a harness, though can be a little strong to start with

*Vega loves her walks and playtime and is a girl who would get bored easily if adventures and long walks are not available to her. She will also need mental stimulation to keep her mind happy and healthy

*Vega has not been cat tested but if we feel a perfect application with a resident cat applies to adopt, we can arrange for her to meet a cat. We aim to get an accurate a result as possible but would ask people to understand that we cannot always guarantee 100% harmony and that they may need to work on introductions, slowly and steadily.

Vega is a wonderful, caring, sweet-natured, young girl who needs a home willing to give her a chance to learn about life. If you can provide all that Vega needs, please apply by completing an online adoption application form.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.

Vega’s Microchip number is available on request.