Under Assessment

Welcome Paddington Bear ❤️

This 4 month Saluki x was found wandering the roads in July filthy, covered in fleas, with an injured leg and a belly full of worms. He was shy and scared with no knowledge of what a cuddle or a toy was. So much neglect already in his young life.

Paddington was the best boy for his photo shoot where he met Herriot, the Saluki, and then promptly fell asleep. It’s tiring work being this cute 😉

Paddington Bear packed his suitcase and is in a loving foster home with one of our regular foster families where we are sure he will create chaos in due course 😅😍

Paddington Bear arrived with an injured leg and is undergoing XRays and Vet Assessments so he is not yet ready for rehoming but keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page for updates. In the meantime, grab the popcorn, sit back and watch Paddington find his paws and puppyhood😜😂

Paddington Bear’s Microchip number is available upon request.