Under Assessment

Another Pointy One Arrives 😉

This rather handsome dude rocked up to Heathlawn via his own private taxi which is only fitting for a boy with Saluki genes 😍

Shen, meaning deep thoughts/spirits, as we have named him is another stray off the streets who ended up in Waterford Pound and we offered him a space with us.

Shen is keeping his thoughts and feelings on his new surroundings (and us) fairly hidden right now, preferring to take himself off to have a think about this new lifestyle that he has found himself living in.

In true Saluki style we are getting lots of ‘snooty looks’ aimed at us down that very beautiful snout of his 😅 We have no doubt that Shen will soon be part of our Heathlawn Family joining in with all the fun. Our thanks to Orlaith for being Shens personal chauffeur from Waterford to Galway.

Shen is currently under assessment and is not yet ready for rehoming.