Under Assessment

Five year old Gessie arrived from a pound where her owner felt she had no choice but to put her there due to sad circumstances. Thankfully the pound understood why Gessie was so withdrawn, fearful and wary and gave her the time to relax and recover before we offered to help.

Gessie had been the victim of an attack during a family domestic, which left her very wary of men and strangers. She arrived scared and a little growly due to her fear of not knowing where she was or who she was with. Her life had been turned upside down. In just under a week, Gessie has re-found her naturally sunny, playful and loving nature thanks to the care, love and patience shown to her by our staff and volunteers.

Today we introduced her to one of our male volunteers, hoping that Gessie could overcome her ordeal. We worked it slowly using her favourite toy and after a little while Gessie surprised us all by being only too happy to let Tom give her cuddle, so much so that when Tom stopped Gessie decided she wanted extra cuddles 😍

Dogs are so forgiving and Gessie is living proof.

Welcome to Heathlawn Sweet Gessie 😍

Gessie’s Microchip number is available on request.

We are not yet taking adoption applications for Gessie.