Under Assessment

Welcome Gecko 😍

Last week we were alerted to a dog who had wandered into a house just outside Craughwell. A young Collie x Spaniel boy approx 16 months old. He was wearing an old faded collar and was not chipped or neutered.

His body has been shaved (not by a professional groomer) and his head left alone with clumps of matted hair still behind his ears. To us (and we could be wrong) it seems as though he was shaved to get rid of matts, going by those left in his head area. Nobody has been in contact about a missing dog matching his description. He is a lovely, affectionate, playful boy, who is good condition.

Could he be missing or stolen? Will he join the long list of John and Jane Doe’s that already sit in our kennels waiting for their second chance?

Today, Gecko was all about sharing his love 😍

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