Trudi – Applications Closed

Trudi has been the most sweet of Cattery guests but at 10 years old it is not where she should be. As the weeks go on we have noticed her become slightly withdrawn and we know all too well what that means. Trudi is becoming depressed and needs to find her forever family in a home where she can spend the remainder of her life in the comfort and company that she was accustomed to.

Trudi hasn’t lived with children but was happy to meet our volunteers child and happy to have him spend time brushing her 🙂 so we won’t rule out homes with children just yet. Trudi has lived with other cats so a resident cat isn’t a problem once they are not too boisterous and give her space. She has not met any dogs that we know of.

Trudi is partially sighted and the level at which she can and cannot see is very hard to judge. She got around well in her past home and gets around just fine in our cattery but she must be an indoor only cat. The right home for Trudi is out there, we know it is. We hope we can find it before our sweet little lady loses hope. Applications for Trudi have now closed.