The Bog Babies – only 2 remain for adoption

The Bog Babies!!

A few weeks ago these four poor, beautiful kittens were found abandoned on a bog…….. left in a closed plastic container with no food or water. Scared and abandoned and unable to fend for themselves these poor defenceless young kittens didn’t have much of a future……..but luck was on their side and they were found, rescued and brought to our cattery in Athenry.

Over the following weeks, with a regular supply of nourishing food, water and a warm cosy bed, the fab four began to recover and forget their ordeal. It was as if they knew that their young lives had changed dramatically for the better and allowed their little personalities to shine through. Cotton is the cheeky one who leads the others astray. The staff and volunteers gave the four beautiful fluffies lots of reassurance, encouragement, care and attention and we are delighted that they have now reached a healthy weight. At 5 months old and with their lives turned around these happy bundles are fully vaccinated and microchipped and are ready to thrive in a loving home.

Please call 091 563 631 for more information on the Bog Babies.

Photo Credit: Our thanks to Lois Yates Photography