Taibhse, a female 8.5 month old Collie X, is one of three siblings looking for their forever homes. All 3 are in foster kennels with other dogs and cats, are lead trained and very nearly toilet trained. As siblings they are very alike but they all have different personalities.

Taibhse is the middle of the three size-wise and is longer haired. She is the most active and at times the most stubborn, with somewhat selective hearing when it suits her. She is extremely clever and uses it to her advantage. Taibhse shows a little more of her collie genes than her siblings but is also very sweet and loving.

This little family have led quite a sheltered life and have been in foster kennels since they are 2 months old (due to the circumstances from which they came into our care). They will need homes willing to now show them the big outside world of which they have seen very little. But they are so eager to please and love that we feel with time and patience they will soon be fully confident dogs of the world, hopefully strutting their stuff, proud and happy as well as much loved family members.

Taibhse requires fully secure fencing and must live as part of the family. She is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. She is cat friendly and may be slightly exuberant around very small children but there’s no reason why she shouldn’t live in harmony with slightly older children.

If you can meet Taibhse’s needs, please complete an online adoption application form.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.

Taibhse’s Microchip number is available on request.