Snoopy and Gandalf

March 2020:

Gandalf and Snoopy have moved to our small animal foster home and are settling in well but it is no substitute for a Forever Home.

Both are very sweet and really enjoy their time out exploring the room as well as the head scratches and chin rubs.

We will only accept home offers for them as a pair as breaking a bond in rabbits can have fatal results.

Gandalf (female) age 6, slightly reserved at first, is very sweet and likes company. Snoopy (male) is 3 and is every bit as cuddly as he looks!

All rabbits require regular grooming as they shed regularly and can develop stomach problems if they ingest too much hair grooming themselves but Gandalf will require that little bit extra to keep her coat from matting.

Homechecks apply and all rabbits are neutered and microchipped prior to rehoming. If you would like to offer this charming pair a forever home
email for an application form.

February 2020:

Gandalf and Snoopy, through no fault of their own, are looking for a new indoor forever home together.

Gandalf is a sweet, friendly and affectionate gentle girl, age 6 years old, who loves cuddles and rubs and a little bit of a run around. She is an indoor rabbit who has had a run around in the garden during summer months.

She has a sensitive stomach and is prone to tummy upsets if given fruit or veg. She can only handle hay and dry food.

As she is a Lionhead rabbit, her fur is long and she doesn’t shed much but needs to be brushed to prevent from matting. The fur on top of her head needs to be trimmed regularly so she can see her surroundings.

Gandalf has grown up around other small animals (guinea pigs, hamsters, degu’s and birds) and takes well to neutered male rabbits but not female rabbits. Snoopy is her 2nd partner she has had after her previous male partner passed away. Gandalf can be nervous of new sounds and surroundings and neither have ever being around kids or cats. She is used to one dog in the house who grew up with rabbits.

Snoopy is a younger rabbit, just three years old, who has grown up with small animals and a dog and has no fear or boundaries with other animals or his environment, so he needs to be monitored when interacting with other animals and adjusting to new surroundings.

Snoopy takes a bit longer to warm to people but, once he does, he will run up to you looking for rubs! It takes a while for him to get used to being held as he high energy but once he settles, with a new person, he loves a cuddle.

As a lop eared rabbit, he has short hair but lots of it which needs regular brushing to avoid shedding. He is also an indoor rabbit like Gandalf and she has been his only partner.

Snoopy has a great appetite, has no stomach problems and can handle all types of rabbit safe food.

If you can offer this perfect pair a forever home text Tara on 0858509879