Slug is a young lurcher boy approximately 14-16 months old. When he arrived he was in an extremely bad way, he was covered in mange, had open sores and broken toes. He has fully recovered and is an extremely sweet, affectionate, fun loving, playful, cheeky and opinionated bundle of fun.

He will make a super family pet as he is good with kids and loves everyone he meets. He needs a home where there is another dog, or two, as he doesn’t like to be left alone so he needs a human home most of the time as well as other dogs for company.

He is young, energetic and full of divilment, he really is just a big pup because he hasn’t had a puppyhood. He needs a fully secure garden and most importantly, other dogs and people at home who will guide and show him the world as he has led a very sheltered life so far. He has had a hard journey so we are looking for a home that will welcome Slug into their family and bring him out and about on plenty of adventures. As you can see from the photos, Slug also likes to help around the house with all the chores.

If you have space in your life for a fun-loving, opinionated boy who loves everyone he meets please complete an online adoption application form.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.

Slug’s Microchip number is available on request.