A few weeks ago,we recieved a video of a small,downtrodden,broken little springer girl,as she walked dejectedly along the pavements of Ballinasloe Town.
It was plain to see in the video that she had been used far too often to churn out pups,was underweight,filthy and had mange.Sadly,she moved off too fast for the person to catch .

The same day,we were sent a photo of the same dog,taken by a quick thinking girl,passing through the town on a bus.

We sent a Gspca Volunteer to search the streets twice that day but to no avail.

And as we rewatched the video sent to us,our hearts broke….This little girls eyes were void of any emotion ,as she stared at the camera……and we knew she needed help.

But where was she?

We contacted as many people as we knew in the Ballinasloe area,asking them to keep an eye and we hoped ,this little one would not slip through the net.

The following day,Colin,the son of one of our volunteers rang us.He had found her and had taken her home for safe keeping!!! Oh the relief….

SHAPPA arrived to Heathlawn the next day…. A sad and sorry sight ,not because of her physical appearance ,which we knew could be fixed but it was her demeanor…. She tried,so very hard to make herself as small as possible as she crawled over to us ….She shook as we touched her but we could see she was also so relieved to feel safe and her tail wagged uncertainly as we spoke to her.

A girl who showed every sign of never having been loved but who was so willing to accept our love.Who asked us for noithing because in her world,humans had noithing to give.

SHAPPA settled in quietly to Heathlawn,always gentle and unassuming,always grateful for a kind word or cuddle and who very quickly learnt to give cuddles back.

SHAPPA has now been spayed,she will never be used as a breeding machine ever again.

She is without doubt,one of the most forgiving,undemanding little girls we have ever met ….. Open to love from all she meets,desperate to put her horrible past behind her and start afresh with a family who will love her always …

SHAPPA is 5 years old…she gets on with every dog she has met,remaining in the background ,as the others run and play because until now,SHAPPA has never known play…..

SHAPPA would love a home to call her own,humans to call her family..A quiet home but one that will show her how fun life is.

If you are looking for a well behaved,loving,kind,gentle ,affectionate best friend….. Then it’s just got to be SHAPPA….

Please contact Emma on 087 2765690.

Secure garden/indoor home only .

Shappa’s beautiful photographs were kindly taken by Lois Yates Photography