Savita, our beautiful, gentle collie girl, is doing so well since coming home to Heathlawn, following a weeks battle to survive after she was found lying injured on a country road. We weren’t sure if Savita would ever regain her walk but this brave girl is determined to put her past behind her.

Savita is just the sweetest girl, who is so calm and easy, happy to potter around or lie out in our garden between the showers. She doesn’t ask for much just some love and your company. We feel that Savita is now ready to hopefully find her retirement home. She deserves to spend the rest of her life being loved and cherished as the beautiful sweet natured girl that she truly is. Savita would love a quiet home with an enclosed garden so she can potter happily and relax. She could live with another gentle, calm dog.

After everything Savita has been through we pray that there is someone out there willing to give her the chance of becoming a family pet for the first time in her life.

Please contact Emma on 087 2765690.