Sandy, Sassy, Scotch, Smig, Sonny, Sorbet and Sunnist!

Sandy, Sassy, Scotch, Smig, Sonny, Sorbet and Sunnist! One for every day of the week! Our Snuggly selection of S’s are part of a large operation where 13 adults were neutered and 10 kittens came into our care. Yet another case of a small number of cats left un-neutered leading the population to completely explode out of control. Combining TNR and the reduced rate neutering scheme we ran earlier year, the home owner will now be able to better manage the situation without the worry of the numbers doubling every few months.

Let’s meet the girls. Sassy by name sassy by nature! The black and white beauty certainly stands out from the crowd, she owns the room and is very clearly the ring leader!

Sassys personality is the complete opposite to her cousin Sandy. Sandy prefers to take things more slowly, she is more likely to wait in the background and take it all in before deciding on her next move but once she gets to know you she is just your typical loving cuddle bug.

Then there are the Boys! Is there a more handsome bunch?? All equally adorable and typical gingers, they sure know how to charm!!! These 7 are nearly ready to find there forever homes as their neutering and second vaccinations fast approach!

As with all our friendly felines, the must live predominantly indoors as part of the family and can only be let outside after a suitable setting in period.

To apply to adopt them or any of the amazing cats or kittens in our care, please complete an online adoption application form.