Rolex came into our care when a lady arrived, to our sanctuary, with him in her car after she found him straying.

Not true. We later found out that Rolex was, in fact, her dog.

It never ceases to annoy us that people take our passion and work for granted and basically, in our eyes, make a mockery out of all we do. Standing there watching us as we scan for a chip, as we frantically try and juggle dogs to create a space for what we believe is a “lost dog”.

It’s unfair to take advantage of us that way when it could have been done honestly and with the dogs best interests at heart. So Rolex arrived with no name, no age and no history when all of that information could have been given by his lying owner. At the end of the day it is the dog that suffers as we have to go back to basics to try and work out their temperament.

Now Rolex is now looking for a new home.

He is a young boy, small in stature but with a huge heart, who absolutely loves showing us, every day, just how much he loves us. He is not a huge fan of other male dogs and when out walking, Rolex tends to ignore most of the other dogs, so we feel a home where he is an only dog would suit him best. He walks calmly on a lead, sits on command and is mostly clean in his kennel.

He is loving, affectionate, cuddly and playful and loves to play with a toy and can often be found having a bounce on our sanctuary trampoline ðŸ˜„Because Rolex is such a people dog, he is looking for a home where he can have lots of human company throughout the day and riding shotgun is another of his favourite things to do.

Rolex will only be homed where there is fully secure fencing and not near livestock.

A more gentle, loving dog you wont find.

Please contact Emma on 087 276 5690 for more info.