Rio is a 5yr old Cockatiel who was surrendered into our care 2 months ago when his owner could no longer care for him…

Rio has never lived in a cage and struggled to adapt to cage life while he completed his quarenteen time….

Once he was allowed time out in a secure room he became much more relaxed and comfortable.

Rio is not hand tame which makes rehoming him a little more difficult especially when looking for a home that would be able to offer him the space to fly…
But Rio is learning to trust and we feel in time with an understanding owner Rio would become more accepting to touch…..

Rio is social!
He loves human company and is happy to whistle and chirp and chat to anyone who wants to listen once you keep your hands to yourself….. he also loves other birds which is understandable being a flock animal…..

Rio gets on well with the resident budgies but Needs a home with another cockatiel as try as he might he just can’t get the budgies to speak his language 🙂

As with all our animals we are not just looking for “A home”.. we are looking for the Perfect Home…

A home that understands the complex requirements of bird ownership and a home prepared to meet the requirements to allow Rio to thrive.

Rio will need a large cage with a large amount of toys and stimulation where he will need to remain while introducing him to his new surrounding and family.

Once settled he will require a home that will allow him sufficient time out of his cage to fly (wing clipping is Never permitted)

Cockatiels are by nature LOUD birds and Rio is no exception….

Morning, afternoon and evening calls and well as alarm calls when he gets a fright or you have been gone for “too long” are to be expected….and we do not exaggerate when we say they are loud….

But overall Rio is a very sweet bird who really just wants to be adored and be part of the family….

If you can offer Rio the perfect home please fill out an application form on the home page.