Under Assessment

Riggs was found lying in a ditch on a country road near New Inn. He was very kindly taken home by a kind lady who contacted us. Not chipped..Not neutered..No collar and despite our search for an owner Riggs remained unclaimed. Now that he has done his mandatory 5 day stray time with us we can start the process of getting Riggs ready for adoption.

A young boy approximately 12/16 months Riggs is a delightful boy. There have been quite a few debates amongst ourselves as to Riggs breed lines🙂Some see terrier, a hint of collie maybe and, we believe, possibly some EBT (English Bull Terrier) or similar. Whatever he is we are all agreed that Riggs is a fab boy. ❤

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for a Riggs update regarding his rehoming, once his assessment is complete.

Riggs Microchip number is available on request.