Let’s not forget the most senior man at Heathlawn…as if he would let us. A favourite amongst the volunteers, Redmond is approx 10/11 years old and is the funniest character. He likes to be the boss and doesn’t take kindly to being told what to do or where to go, but his charm and quirky nature are hard to resist. Behind his somewhat stubborn nature is the sweetest, most lovable, affectionate boy. With only 2 teeth to his name, it’s safe to say, in Redmond’s case, his bark is definitely worse than his bite 😂 
After we re-homed him 6 years ago, Redmond was returned to us in 2018 due to the ill health of his elderly owner. He loves a potter and is looking for a quiet home, with no small children, where he can trot around if and when he feels like it !!!😂