Princess has FIV+

I am FIV+
What does that mean?
It means I have a virus that will weaken my immune system over time and make me more susceptible to illness.
It means that I’m more prone to infection.
It means that I need to live indoors to protect me from other cats that may carry other common cat illnesses even if they show no signs of them.
There are many reasons that people suggest not adopting an FIV cat but thankfully new studies have disproven some of those reasons that are now just excuses.

‘FIV cats don’t live very long’ – FIV cats that have no underlying conditions and live indoors can live up to 12 years
‘Non FIV cats can be high risk if mixed with FIV+ cats’ – FIV is mainly transmitted from deep bites or mating. A neutered FIV cat is unlikely to pass on the virus but that being said the policy remains to home them as only cats or on occasion with other FIV+ cats.
‘FIV cats will be sick all the time’ A weakened immune systems does mean higher risk of illness but an indoor cat is unlikely to be exposed to the factors that would result in them getting sick. An indoor/outdoor or strictly outdoor cats have just as high a risk of illness or injury.
‘FIV cats will also have Felv’ – It is a misconception that FIV and Felv go hand in hand. Yes cats with FeLv often have FIV, sadly, but they are 2 separate viruses. Weakened immune systems make it more likely that an outdoor FIV cat will pick up FeLv but both viruses are stand alone.

My name is Princess. What does the future hold for me?
FIV doesn’t mean I’m broken. FIV doesn’t mean I’m sick.
My blood tests show that I have no underlying issues.
It does mean that I will likely spend on average three times as long as another cat waiting for a home.
I love humans, I love cuddling, I’m the ultimate lap cat. You will never be lonely with me by your side.
I like living indoors as I’ve done my time on the streets. I just want a sofa and a lap to call my own.
But the question is…. will you consider me?
Princess x

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