Presley has been in our care for nearly 3 months now after he was found late one evening on a deserted forest road,scared and extremely emaciated,weighing a mere 9kg.

Showing his true collie trait of loyalty,Presley had remained curled up ,in the spot he had been abandoned at,a few measley handfuls of dog nuts thrown beside him.

Presley is now a stunningly handsome boy ,who is now back to his full weight and health.

A quiet,un assuming and gentle boy,approx 3/5yrs old,Presley is looking for a forever home,where he can enjoy some home comforts,walks and lots of chill time.

He never demands or creates any drama at our sanctuary,a boy who always seems happy with his lot,no matter what that may be.

Presley knows how lucky he was that night back in April to have been found and saved ….He would love to be able to repay that gesture by finding a family he can love.

If you would like to know more about Presley,please contact Emma on 087 2765690 …

His beautiful photos are courtesy @Lois yates Photography