Pookie or, as she is more commonly known, “oh my gosh! Look at the size of that Rabbit!!!

Pookie came into our care 7 weeks ago after she was discovered sitting in the middle of a road late one evening. Despite being posted on our lost and found page no one came forward, so after her “stray time” Pookie was booked into Briarhill Vets for mandatory spay, chip and vaccination! We have no way to determine Pookies age, only to note she has actually grown since she arrived and we are not sure if she has finished growing yet 🙈

Pookie weighs in currently at 5.5kg and we believe she is possibly a New Zealand mix with a Flemish Giant thrown in for good measure. Rabbits are trainable, fun and affectionate animals who require far more space, exercise and attention than most people realise and they are probably more work than a dog or a cat when cared for properly. They can also live up to 12 years.

Our rabbits, like any of our animals, are only homed to the most suitable home one that meet their specific requirements and not as gifts. Despite being found on a road, Pookie is very fond of indoor living and will require a home where she will live indoors as part of the family. Pookie has met other animals but prefers to avoid them if possible. She enjoys the company of respectful children but Pookie is not the type of rabbit who enjoys cuddles!

Pookie likes to sit and watch the resident children and will even lay beside them when relaxing. She enjoys being hand fed her veggies and a scratch on the head but like all rabbits Pookie is happiest with all 4 feet firmly on the ground. Pookie does enjoy foraging outdoors on nice days but she will need a fully secure garden or fully enclosed area where she can be supervised! Pookie likes to dig! She will tunnel out of most standard enclosures. Pookie like all bunnies loves to eat! Grass, hay, pellets and veg and with eating there comes poop and Pookie poops a lot! There is no point in pretending otherwise 😅

While she is improving greatly with her litter training and uses it consistently to pee, any rabbit in a new environment will want to feel comfortable and mark their territory and they way they do that is by…. yup…. poop! After a suitable time to settle in she should return to the perfectly clean house guest, with the occasional accident.

Pookie would like to find a home with a neutered male rabbit or at the very least a family willing to get her company once she has settled in. Pookie is fairly relaxed around other rabbits and happy to chill in their company, she has met some of the resident rabbits and even introduced herself to “Judy Hops” but pairing and bonding will need to be done carefully as due to her size she could potentially cause serious injuries to any rabbit that she was not comfortable with. She will not be homed with other female rabbits.

Overall Pookie is a very laid back lady who will make a wonderful addition to a family that wants to get the most from their rabbits. If you feel you can meet all of Pookies needs please complete an exotic animal online adoption application form.

Homechecks and adoption fees will apply.