Introducing Pepe, our longest resident at Heathlawn, he has been here 18 months. About 5-6 years old he is a medium to large breed boy though what those breeds are we haven’t quite worked out. Pepe is a firm favourite with those who know him.

Life in a kennel isn’t easy for any dog but Pepe does very well considering. He can often be found just sitting at his door nearly always with a teddy bear next to him. He brings his teddies everywhere he goes😍

Pepe has some special requirements in his search for his forever home but we remain hopeful that one day his special person will find him. Whilst Pepe can and has walked quietly beside some dogs, he doesn’t like every dog he meets so we feel that he would be best suited as the only dog in his home. As he loves long walks around our quiet lanes he would do best in a quiet rural home with a fully secure garden where he can lounge and chill.

Pepe’s greatest characteristic is his loyalty. Once he bonds with you he is truly your dog and, with that in mind, we feel a home with just one or two people and without children is best. He loves his belly rubs, his walks, his teddies and the sofa. He can be a little set in his ways and if Pepe doesn’t want to do something, then he just doesn’t do it. For example, Pepe isn’t fond of getting into a car or van and on the couple of occasions we have managed it, we have had to cajole him in. There have also been a few occasions where we haven’t and there is simply no budging him.

Pepe will need a home with dog experience who can read his signs and know when he is up for an adventure or when he would simply rather be left alone to chill. In the right home, with the right person, Pepe will be a loyal companion. Once he has bonded he listens to commands and loves to please. While he continues his wait our team at Heathlawn are making sure that Pepe’s days are filled with variety and long walks up our country lanes.

If you would like to adopt our gorgeous boy Pepe, please complete an online dog application adoption form.

Pepe’s Microchip Number is available on request.