Parnell was brought to our sanctuary a few months ago and we were told that he had ‘strayed’ into a yard. We later learned that it was in fact that same persons dog. But life goes on and both ourselves and Parnell have moved on from those lies.

Parnell was absolutely terrified as he arrived into our busy sanctuary and remained terrified for a few weeks. He hid away in the corner of his run unable to look at us or allow us to touch him but sadly we are used to working with traumatised dogs and we knew deep inside that Parnell had the biggest heart.

It has been a slow journey but we are delighted with the progress Parnell has made, so much so, that we now believe Parnell is ready to start his search for his forever home. A special home.

Parnell is a young collie x, approximately 16/18 months old. He is naturally a shy boy who takes his time to trust anyone new. But he can trust and he can love because he shows the staff and volunteers, every day, just how far he has come.

He loves his cuddles and after he has had a run around the field he loves nothing more than to sit and chill for a few minutes having his ears rubbed and belly scratched. You only have to look at the photos posted below to see. So now we need to find someone who is willing to give Parnell his chance.

We won’t lie, he is going to need time, patience and love, from his new home, to help him settle in.We believe Parnell has never been in a home so it will all be very new to him. A confident, preferably, female dog as a friend would help him as he just loves to run and play with a friend.

Due to his shyness we feel a home with no small children would suit best as Parnell is just not used to them and their sudden movements may startle him. Parnell is looking for a rural home as we think he may find the hustle and bustle of a town or city too much. A secure garden and a quiet home environment would suit Parnell best, one without too many visitors or comings and goings.

We know, in time, given a chance with caring people that Parnell will one day walk proud and confident beside those he loves and trusts.

We are in-undated with requests from people looking to adopt dogs but we know we are going to need someone a little extra special who will see what we see, when they look at these photos of Parnell.

He has the biggest heart but sadly it is buried underneath his shyness and fears. He is a totally submissive dog and even in his early days with us, when he was so terrified, he allowed us to guide him.

We have been successful before in finding those extra special homes for our more “quirkier “ dogs and we never give up hope that there is someone for every dog. We just need to find them for Parnell .

Parnell’s microchip number is available upon request. If you would like to know more about Parnell, please contact Emma on 087 276 5690