Ollie! Have you an Ollie size space in your home and heart?


Ollie was surrendered into our care a few months ago as a 9 month old pup…

Originally bought for hunting but due to a shoulder lameness ,instead he was handed over to us so we could find him a home as a family pet.

As we didn’t know why Ollie was lame,he was sent for xrays which revealed a lesion on his shoulder.He underwent surgery to have that lesion removed ,spent over a month on lead walks to build his muscle back up again and two weeks ago,Ollie got the all clear from his Orthopedic Vet to say Ollie had been given a clean bill of health …

For Ollie and is that was the moment we had all worked so hard towards and watching this now one year old boy run free around our fields ,was a joy .

Ollie is still only a baby at one year old.He has seen very little of the real world and can be a little nervous in new situations but he looks to you for reassurance.

True to his breed,Ollie is full of energy and will require a home that can give him the long walks and adventures he craves,he is also highly intelligent ,so a home willing to keep his mind stimulated with games and training.

Ollie would love another dog in his home to show him around and give him confidence when faced with new things ,someone he can play with and enjoy fun times out and about.

As Ollie,like many of our dogs has never lived in a home environment before,he may find an everyday household routine a little strange at first ,so a little patience will be needed.

Once Ollie knows you ,he has to be one of the most sweetest,affectionate boys …he is always smiling and happy,loves his cuddles and is (nearly)always obedient and willing to learn.

Ollie is looking for a home without very small children as he just isn’t used to them…a home with a love of the great outdoors and where he will live and be loved as one of the family ….

For more info or to make a date to visit our handsome boy,please contact Emma on 098 2765690 …

Secure garden and indoor home only .

Photos courtesy of Lois Yates Photography