It is almost two weeks since Mildred joined our Cattery and despite our best efforts to make her comfortable, she is just not happy. Mildred has lived all her life, as far as we are aware, as an outdoor cat. Her previous carer had concerns about her eyesight and hearing but so far we have not found any issues but we cant fully rule them out.

As the days go on, she is becoming more depressed. Confinement is not for Mildred. She needs somewhere safe where she can settle and relax, where she can, after a safe amount of time, be allowed outside to lay in the grass and relax for the day in the sunshine.

Mildred will probably never be a lap cat, but she deserves a safe and loving home where she can spend the rest of her days just being a cat. Can anyone offer her that?

To adopt Mildred, please complete an adoption application form.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.