Update January 2020

Miguel is approx 2 years and a half and was left behind after Ballinasloe Fair last October.

Whatever Miguel has gone through in his short life has left him with a deep rooted mistrust and fear of the unknown. The only way Miguel has learned to cope with those feelings is to go on the attack when faced with people he doesn’t know or trust. But, introduced slowly and quietly to strangers, it doesn’t take Miguel too long before he transforms into the little boy that we at Heathlawn know and love. Once your friend, Miguel is one of the sweetest, most loving and funniest little chaps ever, with a character that will definitely make you smile every day but also keep you on your toes with his antics 😛

Miguel is looking for an understanding home, without children. He can be homed with another dog if that dog is placid and calm and understands that on their first meeting Miguel may want to prove he is the boss and possibly from there on in !!!

Miguel may be tiny in stature but he has one of the biggest hearts one that just wants to love. Please contact Emma on 087 2765690 if you have the patience, love and understanding to give Miguel the chance to show you his true personality.

Little San Miguel ❤️ October 2019

This is our tiny, adult chihuahua boy has come a long way from his rescue day when he was sitting shaking with fear, so obviously traumatised fending for himself on the back streets of Ballinasloe.

They say animals know when they are in a safe environment and caring hands and that was so very true of Miguel as the following day he was up, bouncing and wagging his tail as we arrived to work.

In true Chihuahua style, Miguel has the attitude of a lion with toothache, when first approached by people he doesn’t know but there is no love greater than that of a Chi when you become the best of friends. Miguel is the sweetest, funniest, cheekiest, most loving of boys, he has the biggest heart, gives the best kisses, the best snuggles and will keep you entertained with his playful nature.

Now, we just need to find someone who understands Chihuahuas and their ability to believe they are actually Lions in disguise 😂 Is there someone out there who wants the most endearing little pocket rocket to love? Someone willing to meet Miguel on a few occasions so he can get used to them? Someone who knows that beneath the tough exterior, lies a tiny boy with a big heart.

Miguel loves a spin in the car but most of all he loves being curled up on the lap of someone he knows. He did get to snuggle up under the duvet during the night with our staff member, where he snored blissfully all night, before heading back to the sanctuary in time for his chicken brekkie.

Miguel will be looking for a home where he can have a human around most of the day. He needs a human who wants a loyal and best friend that he can go most places with. Ideally Miguel needs a quiet home, with no small or young children, where he can be King.

Miguel is sociable with other dogs of his choosing (only dogs that have passed the ‘Miguel Test’, along with their owner 😜) At approx 2 years old, he really is the most delightful, loving, cheeky little man. An indoor home with fully secure fencing a must.

Please contact Emma on 087 2765690. He is definitely worth going that little bit extra ♥️