Little San Miguel ❤️

This is our tiny, adult chihuahua boy who was sitting shaking with fear, whilst our team tried to make him understand that we were only there to help him and bring him to safety.

Weighing just 2kg, Miguel was left to settle in a basket and he was so obviously traumatised by his ordeal of abandonment and fending for himself on the back streets of Ballinasloe.

They say animals know when they are in a safe environment and caring hands and that was so very true of Miguel as the following day he was up, bouncing and wagging his tail as we arrived to work.

He is a little suspicious of strangers, so introductions have to be done slowly and quietly but once he realises you are his friend, he settles.

Miguel loves a spin in the car but most of all he loves being curled up on the lap of someone he knows. He did get to snuggle up under the duvet during the night with our staff member, where he snored blissfully all night, before heading back to the sanctuary in time for his chicken brekkie.

Miguel will be looking for a home where he can have a human around most of the day. He needs a human who wants a loyal and best friend that he can go most places with. Ideally Miguel needs a quiet home with no small or young children, where he can be King.

Miguel is sociable with other dogs of his choosing. At approx 2 years old, he really is the most delightful, loving, cheeky little man. An indoor home with fully secure fencing a must.

Please contact Emma on 087 2765690.

Now part of our Heathlawn family and loving life ❤️