Mauritius is one of the babies that were dumped on our Sanctuary road as tiny babies. Nearly 5 months old, Mauritius (Kobi) is ready to leave his foster home. He is a mixed breed who will be medium sized. Mauritius had initially been rehomed with children but his puppy behaviour proved too much and he soon learned that he was the boss of the house.

So he went into an adult only foster home with two ex Galway SPCA adult dogs where he has come on in leaps and bounds and has learned some much needed “dog code”.

Mauritius needs a home with at least one other day who is up for play and games but who will also be firm but kind.

Mauritius needs a home with no young children (teenagers up) as he is a little bouncy, full of puppy cheekiness but he is also full of puppy love and snuggling up on the sofa beside his human friends is his favourite places to be.

He is house trained, walks well on the lead, travels in the car and sleeps through the night, alongside the other dogs.

Due to his young age, Mauritius needs a home where there is someone around most of the time and one who understands that puppies are puppies as he will test the boundaries and believe that anything not nailed to the floor is a toy !!

His foster parents say that he is a super boy who is a typical pup who will make a fab addition to the right home.

Please only apply if you meet the criteria listed above dog adoption application form.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.

Mauritius’ Microchip number can be provided on request.

August 2023

Mauritius is one of 3 pups that were dumped on our lane way late at night a few months ago along with his siblings Madagascar and Mozambique (both rehomed). Unfortunately for Mauritius his first homing didn’t work out, as he became too much for the young children in the home with his boisterous puppy ways and he soon learned that if he barked at them he could become the “Alpha”. So we found him a home with teenagers but, unfortunately, his learned behaviour of being the Alpha has continued.

He really is a very sweet pup, the majority of the time, but he has now learned how to control the home and the younger humans in the home. He needs to move out of that home and we are just completely full to bursting.

So we are looking for another home for Mauritius, foster or forever. A home with just adults and we feel the fewer people the better. A home with someone willing to be the “Alpha” so that Mauritius can learn his role in the pecking order. Another dog, or dogs, is also going to benefit to him especially dogs who will also let him know, kindly that he is at bottom of the pack (he is submissive to other, older dogs).

We are willing to enroll Mauritius in training classes so it would be great if a home could be found in, or near, the Galway area so he can work with the team at Bremeny School for Dogs who feel that his behaviour is easily fixed with training, time and patience.

Mauritius, was and, is a very affectionate, clever pup but it seems he has lost his way a little and at only 5/5.5 months old we would really like to lend him a hand to get back on track to become the wonderful boy we know he truly is. He walks well on the lead, is clean and loves a cuddle. We require a foster/home where someone is at home for most of the day as Mauritius is still very young. Please know that Mauritius is not aggressive towards people he has just learned how to get his own way and is a little rebellious now but for the majority of time he is just your average cheeky pup.

If you feel you can offer Mauritius a foster /forever home and are willing to put in some work (and training) then please complete a dog adoption application form or a dog foster application form.

You have no idea just how grateful we and Mauritius will be for a lifeline right now.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.

Mauritius’ Microchip number can be provided on request.