Malt – New Arrival

*Welcome Malt* (our name)

Another day, another pointy nose arrives through the gates. This young Saluki girl was found straying over 3 weeks ago by a kind lady who couldn’t leave her to her fate on a very busy road and took her home.

No Chip..No Collar..No Accountability

With rescues and pounds full to bursting she then found herself stuck with her and again, in fairness to her, she held on and made sure this girl was safe and had a roof over her head despite the fact that Malt and the ladies own hound were not getting on which is not easy to manage but manage she did.

A few days ago the local dog warden found himself with a space and went out to collect Malt, bringing her to pound. Then we also found ourselves with a kennel space and our thoughts went out to this lady, and her struggles with Malt and her own dog, and we were ready to contact her when we saw her post saying she had been collected by the Dog Warden (as per the laws), so we immediately contacted the Dog Warden who kindly brought her to Heathlawn.

So Malt has been on quite the journey over the last few weeks, moving from A to B over the last few days but that hasn’t dampened her sunny, loving, happy nature. She bounded into our sanctuary covered us in kisses and then enjoyed a run and play in our paddock. She is a very lucky girl to have crossed paths with kindness and empathy since she was found and we will now ensure she has a lifetime of the same ❤️

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