Magpie and Sparrow

Magpie and Sparrow arrived into our care back in October as tiny 2 week old babies with flu. They had quite a bumpy start to life and were lucky to land in the experienced and caring home of Natasha and her family where they thrived and matured into two of the most outgoing, social, playful and adventurous kittens. These boys are now 16 weeks old, fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and ready for their biggest adventure yet. They are ready to find a forever home.

Having grown up in a busy family home with other cats and kittens, children and dogs we couldn’t imagine these boys would be happy with a quiet home. These boys love to be in the middle of whatever action there is and they are not shy about it! Magpie and Sparrow make an amazing duo and would keep each other entertained and occupied all day long. That being said, due to their outgoing and social nature and contentment, even when separated, we are happy to place them separately in the right homes that will be able to provide them with the stimulation they require to keep them happy and content. The boys are not suitable for strictly indoor living but due to their curiosity and adventures nature we would look for a home that is prepared too keep them supervised outside until the are older and less impulsive. This sweet and loving pair eagerly await their chance.

Please complete a cat online adoption application form and a member of the cattery team will be in touch.

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