Lamu – Under Assessment

Lamu is another hairy lurcher girl who is on the search for her pawfect family. She came to us after we spent quite some time trying to secure her as she strayed for over a month on the streets. She was always a few steps ahead of us and extremely scared and untrusting. We finally managed to secure her in our trap.

Lamu is about as wary and untrusting of people, especially men, as you will get. Her first month with us was very difficult as she hid away, trembling in fear any time she heard or saw us. Then we paired her up with one of our long term residents, lurcher boy Phuket, who knows the kennel drill inside out and we sat and watched as Phuket and Lamu hurtled around our fields, chasing, playing and having the best time. We walked them together on leads though we could see Lamu wanted to be anywhere but beside us.

She did make some progress and on our way to the back field in the mornings we would feel her nose on our hands, more often up our bums πŸ˜œπŸ˜…, but the moment we turned to say hi she backed away. In the couple of months Lamu was in our sanctuary not one of us could catch her coming back in from the field, even those of us she knew very well.

A foster home slot opened up, with an ex GSPCA Saluki boy, and we made the decision to give Lamu her chance in a quiet home to see if she would start to bond with humans a little more. It has been 5 weeks now and there have been small moments of progress but Lamu still spends most of her time curled up in the kitchen. After catching up with her foster parents we now know that this is not the home for Lamu. This is not a failure or a reflection on us, her foster parents, the resident dog and certainly not on Lamu. If anything it has helped us realise what Lamu needs in a home and also her foster parents realise what type of dog would be best suited as a second dog and playmate for their existing boy.

These are things you often only see once you have taken the chance to place a dog in a home. Sometimes it works amazingly, other times not so much. And it is so important that every dog finds its pawfect, or as close to, home. We are doing this long enough to know when its right or not, those of us that foster continually know who to let go. Lamu is a very special girl and it’s so important that the vibes and compatibility are right, not just for her but all within the home.

We feel that Lamu needs a home with definitely one, perhaps even more, dogs. An established pack would be great, one with a good mixture of characters. A fun, playful and lively dog who can match Lamu’s energy levels (they are quite high) and she does like to play rough, lurcher play. A solid, stoic dog, like a greyhound for example, who will be by her side to give her confidence and reasons to see all is not so scary . An established “matriarch” who will be the one to control things, so Lamu never needs to feel she has to take the responsibility and make choices, where she will just be told and expected to follow😜 Of course we are not saying it must be a Greyhound, it could be another breed, we are setting an example of what we feel would work best in Lamus interests.

People are Lamu’s biggest fear but we know that in the right home, with the right dogs and the right people, who understand “spooks”, Lamu has the ability to change. She may never change fully and more than likely will always have her “spooky ways” but she will bond with those she has grown to know and trust. “Spooks” as we fondly call dogs like Lamu in rescue terms can never really have a “limit” on what will definitely work for them or not. For some you cannot rule out children because they have been known to gravitate towards children before adults, while others will be terrified of them!

And it is these dogs who so often get overlooked and forgotten about because of their ways, like our beautiful, amazing boy Phuket (in photos below with Lamu) who unfortunately for him is a plain black male. Lamu is extremely pretty and hairy and for whatever reason these type of dogs are always much more popular.

Lamu is and may always be a flight risk (fully secure garden only) but she really is the sweetest, kindest girl who just needs to find that perfect niche in what will be the perfect home for her with people who are patient & willing to allow Lamu the space she will so obviously need but also savvy enough to know when to ask a little more of her. People who will not feed into her fear but who will help to show Lamu how to be positive and brave as they take this journey together. People who will accept Lamu for who she is and who she may always be.

We firmly believe there is someone for every dog, sometimes we just have to search a little harder and longer, taking on information learned as we go. She is currently still in her foster home and her foster parents are doing everything they can to make Lamu feel more at home than she does. Sometimes we just have to admit the chemistry isn’t there and we do this because it’s so important to us that it is right.

If you fit all the criteria and would like to apply for Lamu, please complete aΒ dog adoption application form.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.

Lamu’s Microchip can be provided on request.