Sadly Keane has come back into our care due to severe health issues within his home. Keane was rehomed by us four years ago after he was found straying. He is a sweet boy, who is sociable with other dogs but he is a typical opinionated, stubborn terrier, who likes to think that it’s his way or no way and he isn’t afraid to tell you so either !! There’s a certain hint of an “Oliver” about him.

To keep him feeling as though he is still at home we have been letting him chill out in Pacos Den on the sofa during the day and he isn’t too inclined to want to “move” when we go to get him for his afternoon walk 😂 He has run a couple of volunteers out the door fairly quickly but it’s all about letting him think that it was his decision to get up 😂

Keane is looking for a home that knows all about the joy’s of living with a cantankerous, single minded terrier and how to win them round 😗 or maybe not 😁

If you are looking for a super little companion and don’t mind the odd battle (or ten), know how to sweet talk (please and thank you are very important when talking to himself ), whilst ignoring the grumbles, have no young children, have a secure garden and a sofa fit for a king, then maybe Keane is the one for you. He will certainly brighten up your day even if he doesn’t allow your friends and family inside the door 😂😂 at least not without some tasty bribes first.

If you would like to adopt Keane please complete an online dog application adoption form.

Keane’s microchip number is available on request.