Jinx and Pru – an inseparable pair

Jinx and Pru were an unlikely pairing and to be honest even we never could have predicted how the two girls would bond!

Both Pru and Jinx came in to our care with their mums and litters.

Prus mum, Suzie, was found heavily pregnant begging for help outside Aldi on the Headford road and Jinxs mum, Athena, was semi feral and gave birth to her kittens in the hallway of a kind lady’s home.

Jinx was always very slow to take to other kittens, liking to be the boss despite being smaller than most.

Pru was also the smallest of her siblings so growing up with two bossy sisters, Pru actually took comfort in her adopted sisters bossy ways 😅

Pru and Jinx hit it off straight away and really are inseparable. We would really love to keep them as a pair and find them their forever home together.

If you can offer this pair, or any of our kittens, a forever home please contact Tara on 085 850 9879.