Imani arrived at Heathlawn at the start of October. At 9 years old and a lifetime of pumping out lurcher pups it was now her time to shine and shine she most certainly has🙂

Imani went into foster with our kennel manager and her hounds. She arrived into the home quiet and meek, confused and quite shut down but five weeks on and a different Imani has emerged. She is playful and active and is well able for the young Saluki and big Greyhound in her home. Tough as old boots, as the saying goes. In fact, Imani is now a bit of a ringleader in all the chaos 😂

Imani’s requirements:-

*Imani may be 9 years old but she now behaves very much like a puppy. She can get up to all sorts of devilment when home alone with her houndie mates, toilet rolls ..clothes …beds all dragged around 😉 but it is a joy to see this side of her (that’s after quite a few roodie words from foster mum first 😉)

*Imani will definitely need another dog in her home and life, ideally another hound but if not a kind, playful dog who will run with her and who doesn’t mind some rough and tumble

*Imani loves her walks and can easily cover 5/10 km at a time. She can be a little strong on the lead at times but she is eager to see as much as she can at all times

*Imani is house trained, she is used to the car and the sofas 😁 She sleeps all night and once in bed is as quiet as a mouse

*Imani also has a timid side so she is looking for a quietish type of home, without small children who may move too quickly and startle her, as she is still adapting to life as a pet

*Imani is a sweet and loving girl but also quite independent and set in her ways. While she is very gentle around people and does love a cuddle, she prefers to hang out with the resident dogs

*Imani can be left for 4/5 hours at a time but can get up to mischief during her time alone. Unfortunately she has been happily led astray by the others (or so she says 🙂)

*Imani cannot live with cats

*A secure garden and an inside home at all times where Imani will be pampered and loved always

Imani is a super little lurcher girl who deserves only the very best home. Her search starts here ❤

If you meet all Imani’s needs please apply by completing an online adoption application form.