When Hijack (cream) and his brother Ransom came into our care in the May 2023 from a pound, they arrived as virtually feral dogs. Their fear of humans was so raw that they would scream in fear anytime we would enter their kennels and that was even before any attempt to touch them. So, as with all our traumatised dogs, we gave them space. We worked around them with no contact, not even eye contact.

Our next step was to find one of our more confident, humanized dogs and let them be their guide though still we kept our distance. This went on for much longer than we originally hoped but moving too fast would have been detrimental to these brothers, never mind stupid on our behalf (they had teeth, lots of them!!)

After quite a few months we started their “human healing”. Hijack proved easier than his brother and those first days/weeks of getting collars/harnesses/leads on were not often a pretty sight but we knew they were ready and, again, we took it slowly. Finally we had two boys who could now join in on our outings up the roads, into the local marina, have lunches at a staff members home and other quiet places, trotting happily along in the middle of their doggie friends.

Up to this point the boys were still living together and our next task was to separate them as they could still feed of one another’s anxiety, plus they were now young adolescents and sibling rivalry was appearing. With Hijack being the most submissive to humans we asked our friends Róisín and Ciarán if they would be interested in fostering. With two ex GSPCA lurchers/salukis we thought it would be a huge help to boost Hijacks confidence and show him more of the world.

It was a traumatic move for Hijack, strange people, strange dogs and oh my …..a world outside the safety of our sanctuary where he had learned to feel safe and happy. It hasn’t been an easy adjustment for Hijack and we would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to his foster family who, despite one step forward and 20 back, stuck with it and, working alongside our kennel team for advice, have brought Hijack out the far side ❤️

Hijack is still a nervous boy but he is now ready to find himself his forever home.

A home that MUST have at least one other dog, if not a few more as Hijack is truly happy, in a pack.

A RURAL home as Hijack really isn’t happy walking on the streets with people and traffic.

A home without very small children (10 years up and who will understand that he may need his space at times)

A home that will allow Hijack the time to re-adjust and who won’t be expecting the “perfect hound” straight away who will understand his need to seek reassurance from the other dogs before them.

In return there is just the most sweetest, loving, resilient, fun loving little Saluki x boy just waiting to show you why he so deserves a chance to be a forever dog. He has fought many demons inflicted on him through his earlier life but who was brave and trusting enough to allow himself to be led into the wonderful world of love and home life.

Hijack is approximately 17 months old. He has spent 240 days in our care, including his foster home. Let’s work together to find this fab little boy the best home possible. Hijack is neutered, vaccinated and chipped (available on request).

If you would like to apply to adopt Hijack, please complete a dog adoption application form.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.