This is honestly one of the sweetest and most amazing Guinea pigs we have ever met! Henyo lived with his caring family for a couple of years but unfortunately they have had to leave the country and taking him wasn’t an option. They were heartbroken to have to leave him but their biggest concern was that Henyo would find himself confined to a cage for the rest of his life instead of the more free lifestyle that he is accustomed to.

Henyo is happy to spend time in his cage every day but his true passion is patroling and guarding his house as well as spending time with his family! Henyo has lived with children and loved them. He is sweet and affectionate but not a fan of being lifted up. You can lift him but he just doesn’t like it so small children would need to be supervised closely as he will wriggle and could get hurt! Henyo is not bothered by other animals but we feel he would shine as an only pet! Henyo has met other guinea pigs and while he is very mellow he prefers his own company (he is not neutered so can not live with females) He also doesn’t “speak guinea pig”. He makes all the right noises…. just in the wrong places 🙈 so miscomunication happens a lot with other males.

We are looking for a 5🌟 Indoor home that can offer him freedom, company and LOTS of attention! A secured garden to potter on nice days would be a bonus! If you can provide that home please complete an application form.