Gromit arrived at our sanctuary alongside his friend Wallace. He is a mixed breed boy approximately 5 or 6 years old.

Like Wallace, Gromit had received little, if any, interaction over the years. He was terrified of us and had never been on a lead. He took longer than Wallace to trust us and he is still a shy and nervous boy around people he doesn’t know but that doesn’t mean he isn’t as deserving as those more confident, playful dogs, does it?

We have worked hard to gain Gromits trust and to get him walking on a lead, so now we are tentatively reaching out to see if we can find him the perfect home. Wallace got his chance recently when the lovely Bernard took him home, so everything is now crossed for Gromit.

*Gromit is looking for a quiet home without too much hustle and bustle.

*A home without children due to his shy and nervous ways.

*Gromit would benefit from having another confident, kind dog in the home to show him his way, preferably a female.

*He will need humans that are willing to give him time, space, understanding and love, as he is still work in progress and may take some time to fully bond.

*A fully secure garden.

*A home where he will live indoors only.

Underneath his shy nature, Gromit is a sweet and gentle boy who needs someone to give him the chance to show just how wonderful he really is.

Please contact Emma on 087 276 5690

Gromit’s Microchip number is available upon request.