Foster Dapple

Dapple was fostered for a couple of weeks with a male terrier and a cat and was perfect with them both she was, however, worried about the older gentleman in the home who needed to use a walking stick so we brought her back.

For 195 days Dapple has waited for someone to understand that she is sweet and loving, kind and loyal. Found dumped with her teats full of milk, Dapple obviously has “a past”. Sadly, she can’t tell us exactly what that past entailed but she can show us the damage it has left through some of her behaviour. And all Dapples behaviour is based on the fears of her past.

Dapple has so many amazing qualities but only to those she knows and trusts. Her fear of strangers, especially men, is real, her fear of other dogs approaching her is real, her fear of children is real and, like so many other dogs, the only way Dapple has learnt to cope with this is to react by barking and lunging as it’s her safety mechanism and it makes her “believe” it will keep her safe. But underneath she is just a very frightened, unsure little girl because once Dapple gets to know you (male or female) she is sweet and just wants her belly rubbed.

What Dapple needs is a quiet, rural understanding home that will allow her to work through her fears that were imposed on her from her former life in ways we didn’t even want to think about. She needs the chance to show, given time she can always be the sweet, loving, kind girl that we know and love 🥰

If you would like to apply to foster Dapple, please complete a foster dog application form.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.

Dapple’s Microchip number can be provided on request.