Fia, Fifi & Flora

In November we were alerted to a family of cats who had been fed by one of the residents at the Brothers of Charity in Gort. Due to the tenancy agreement in the cats could not remain on the property so they asked us for help. We believe, due to the cats strong bond, that they are a family. Going by their suspected ages we believe Mom to be Fia (Tortie), daughter Fifi (Bicolour) and Flora (calico) is the Granny. The ladies had been well cared for at the location but due to their sheltered lifestyle their socialisation was limited.

Anne headed out with traps and secured the older two but Fifi managed to outsmart the trap for several days. After a week of cat and mouse all three were secured and reunited in our cattery. The cats were in good health, generally, but partly due to her age Flora required a full dental. In the beginning the 3 ladies struggled with cattery life but, while they remain more timid with strangers, they have proven to be extremely sweet and loving ladies to the staff and volunteers. Flora (10) Fia (5) and Fifi (1) are now ready to begin the search for forever homes/home.

We know that what we are about to ask is a big ask but we would really love to see them remain together. They are very easy going bunch and while 3 sounds like a lot they really do keep to themselves for the most part. They will do best in a quiet home where they will eventually have some access to the outdoors. We know it is a major task to find a home willing to take on all three but we remain optimistic that it will happen. Our priority however is their longterm health and happiness and a cattery, while a lifesaver, is not a suitable long-term solution so we will consider allowing them to go separately to the right homes.

If you feel you have the right home, please complete our online cat adoption application form. Thank you

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