Elm…. a little girl with a lot to give!!!

Little lady with a big heart!

Little Elm has come on in leaps and bounds in her foster home. She is still quite shy around people she doesn’t know, but once she learns that you are a friend, she becomes a loyal, playful little ball of love. Elm craves attention, gives  lots of kisses and loves nothing more than a lap to curl up on. She is thriving in a home and enjoying the freedom to explore the garden, often at full speed doing laps for her own entertainment or jumping up and down after pigeons. Whoever adopts Elm will have to continue to patiently work on her confidence, but it will be worth it! She has a terrific little personality and watching it flourish is very rewarding. Due to her past experiences, we feel that young children would be too much for Elm to cope with, she needs a quiet home, preferably with another friendly dog, she does chase cats if they run but means them no harm.