We have to admit that things are getting a tad crowded in here 😅

Our Degu’s family are now almost fully grown and while the 2 remaining boys enjoy the spacious cage, the 6 girls are starting to feel a little cramped. All 8 Degu’s are seeking their forever homes and can be rehomed in same sex pairs or groups, or as cage mates to a resident Degu.

Degu’s are probably one of the most underrated pets and tend to put a lot of people off because they don’t know much about them.

They are larger than the average hamster but far more social and friendly and are one of the few small animals that actually make wonderful pets for children under with adult supervision, of course! Degu’s adapt very well to your schedule and are happy in each others company which is great for people that work long hours. They are social, curious and easy to hand tame once they know you.

If you are interested in adopting any of our Degu’s or want to find out more information please fill out a Small Animal Application Form.

Thank you.