Deasy is a 1 year old Sprollie (Spaniel and Collie cross) who seldom sits still long enough for a photo but we managed to capture his attention today 😄He is the most adorable boy who has the kindest, sweetest nature. As he is a little shy and unsure about the world we are looking for a home that already has another dog who will pal up with Deasy and show him that the world is a fun place.

Or a home with plenty of dog experience where someone is at home most of the time, Post Covid, that can spend quality time every day forming a bond with Deasy. He really is an easy going, loving and playful boy who just wants to be your best friend and make you happy and proud to be his human. Deasy is quite an energetic boy and his natural inquisitive nose will need to be curtailed at the very start. He has little, if any, recall training and needs a human with patience and time to teach him the basics.

Deasy needs a fully secure garden with high walls or solid fencing as he has been known to try and see what’s on the other side of a low fence 🙂 We feel Deasy could live with older, respectful children as ‘the more playmates the better’ he says.

Deasy needs a little time, structure, routine, patience and love to understand all things new and he will truly make a home the happiest place.

Deasy’s microchip is available on request. If you are interested in adopting Deasy, please complete an online adoption application form. Thank you 😆