3 year old Coco has come into our care the victim of renting, with landlords being allowed to pick and choose if and when they allow pets and to change their minds as they please. Coco’s family were devastated to see her go and had attempted to secure a forever home for her, but with no success.

While we had our suspicions, we could not be sure until we met Coco, all the little behaviours that Cocos previous owners explained, the difficulty Coco had bonding in a new home and occasional moodiness are signs of an unspayed female. But what gave it away was that lovely chunky dewlap under the chin. And now in our care we can confirm that Coco is, in fact, female.

Coco has behaved the way we would expect a bunny to in a new environment as she misses her family. The first few days she was standoffish and territorial but with lots of patience, and some treats, she is now comfortable in our company and even relaxed enough to snooze as we clean out her cage.

Once she gets to know you she is super friendly and people orientated especially with her young former owner and she is described as being more like a dog than a rabbit. She has been an indoor bunny with occasional visits to the garden and, once spayed, she will be seeking an indoor home where she can spend lots of time with both human and bunny company! We have several bunnies now looking for forever homes as well as guinea pigs.

All GSPCA bunnies get at least two hours of free run time as well as outside access, when the weather permits. Bunnies are a full time job and are not an ‘easy pet’. They require as much exercise as a dog and more cleaning than a cat. But they are wonderful companions and give you back as much as you put into them. They can be trained to use a litter box and taught to do tricks. The are very affectionate when they trust their owner and just want to be part of the family. But sadly a lot of bunnies spend their lives in unstable hutches in gardens away from the families they so desperately want to be part of and this is why we only home as pets to indoor homes.

Please text Tara on 085 850 9879 or email at for an application form, if you are interested in adding any new furry family members.

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