Cadeau – Reserved

You may remember in early October we offered to help a tiny, helpless 7 or 8 week old Lurcher pup that had been cruelly stuffed in a plastic bag and tossed onto a Co. Offaly river bank. Michelle, the Offaly Dog Warden, rescued Cadeau and he arrived into our care. It was obvious that there was something not right about his front legs. At first we thought they might be broken but an Xray showed a problem with his growth plates. We were so lucky to find the most wonderful foster home for Cadeau with Alex and she followed our vets advice of rest in the hope Cadeaus legs would straighten.

But sadly after a few weeks they became worse. So every second /third day baby Cadeau had to visit our vets, where splints were changed and put on his front legs. The commitment by Alex and her husband was phenomenal as they made sure Cadeau never missed an appointment and followed every instruction given to them by our vets at The Railway Clinic Loughrea.

After 5 weeks of toing and froing making sure Cadeaus splints and bandages remained clean, dry and unchewed (not an easy task), Cadeau had his last vet appointment three weeks ago. Once again, his foster parents ensured Cadeau built up his mobility and their dedication and love has paid off. Four weeks on and Cadeau’s legs are looking amazingly straight and strong. He is still only allowed short walks and is slowly building his muscle and strength.

Alex says he is an absolute joy to care for. Shy, yet outgoing, and curious too, extremely clever as he is already starting to master some basic commands (if and when it suits him😂) and is very nearly fully house trained. He loves meeting new people and has been very sociable when meeting other dogs and he also enjoys snuggling on the sofa and playing with his toys. He loves his comforts and any bed will do for a snooze 🙂 He has lots of puppy zest and is now learning to walk on the lead, loving his small walks around his neighbourhood.

Cadeau is approximately 4 months old now and thanks to love, care and total dedication he has left his awful start in life behind him. Cadeau IS looking for his forever home but we ask that people bear in mind that whilst puppies look adorable, they seldom ACT adorable and your house, shoes, remotes and treasured possessions may not look so well after said pup has chewed them into many pieces, before vomiting those pieces back up on the rugs😂

We ask that only people with a love of mopping/picking up said pups bodily fluids apply 😁 . Homes that have always wanted a kitchen table with only 3 legs to match the chair with 3 legs, as said “adorable pup” chewed them whilst you were asleep 😂. Homes were there is someone at home ALL day and who doesn’t mind doing a zoom meeting covered in doggy hair whilst peering into a screen covered in doggy nose art and puppy saliva !!😁😂 A home who won’t mind never going to the loo alone again, let alone hoping to find any toilet roll left unshredded or expecting to be able to have a lie in at the weekends. 🤪Not happening 😂

But, just think of all the fun, love, wonderful times and memories that will be made along the journey. Money cant buy you happiness but adopting a rescue dog can 😍 An Indoor home with a FULLY secure garden a MUST.

Cadeau’s microchip number can be provided on request.

If you are still interested in applying even after reading and enjoying our fun but true account of owning a pup and if you are still interested and can provide a fully secure indoor home with someone around all day to put the house back together, please complete an online adoption application form.