Update January 2020


Over 8 months in our care and sadly the isolation is becoming too much for our desktop Diva.

Buffy arrived skinny and full of bald patches. Her previous family had ignored her in the hope she would go away, but anyone that knows cats knows it’s not that simple. Contrary to popular belief, cats are loyal, they know who their family is and more often than not will stick with them through thick and thin. That was her home, the only home she knew.

Buffy was taken in by a member of our team and spent the first few weeks in her bathroom as we tried to figure out why she was losing her hair in such massive chunks. But as it happened, the longer she spent indoors the more her hair grew back! After 4 weeks she looked like a new cat!

Buffy then moved to a foster home, one where she was left alone for a few hours a day. Not normally a problem for an adult cat. The first week was great but then she began showing signs of illness. more tests and still nothing showed up.

By then, we had moved her back to our cattery, but a bustling cattery full of young bouncy young cats was not to our Divas liking and she became agitated and irritable. So Buffy became an office cat.
It worked in our favour as it was easier to monitor her food and make sure she only ate her specific diet.
It seemed to be the best solution as she got to spend time with people every day and she began putting on weight (some of which now she needs to lose 🙈). She stopped obsessively grooming and it looked like all was well, but it was never going to be a long term answer and we really hoped the right home would come along.

A few weeks ago she began losing her hair again. Staring at the same 4 walls day in and day out would drive any of us insane. Though office life has been good but she still needs the reliability and continuity of a home. She needs her own people! Volunteers change daily and while she is happy to see every one of them, a loyal cat like Buffy needs to establish a bond with her people and seeing them once or twice a week just doesn’t accomplish that.

She needs access to outdoors, which just isn’t possible in a city setting. She needs an understanding family that are prepared to take the good with the bad. A quiet home where she can relax in company but also be left alone when she needs space. We don’t think Buffy is adverse to other cats, she just doesn’t do bouncy kittens and adolescent high jinks.

She is looking for a very special home and we really hope that she can find it. At the moment everything is working against her.

Black cat
Special Diet
May have sporadic hair loss at times
Can be cantankerous if woken from a nap

We understand that she may not be for everyone. But surely there is someone. If you are that someone then please contact 091 563 631 or text 085 775 8744 and ask for Buffy by name, our office Diva may even answer the phone!

August 2019

Buffy was found straying.  After much needed care and attention from one of our kind fosterers she is ready to settle down in a home of her own.  Please text 085 775 8744 for more information or call 091 563 631.

Approximate date of birth: 12/05/2013.