These 4 beauties have recently come into our care and we are looking to home them as company to other budgies or in a group. Blueberry, Garlic, and Lemon can happily be rehomed together but Avocado (the smaller male) is looking for a quieter home as he tends to be picked on by the other three.

These are young birds and with some time and patience they will be hand tameable. As they are young they will need a long term commitment as Budgies can live up to 15 years.

Home check’s will apply as Budgies need proper care. Budgie cages must be large and appropriate for the amount of birds by having enough space for them to fly comfortably as well as plenty of toys. Budgies also need time out of their cage for exercise.

They will not be homed to live with other species as budgies are known to be bullies and can injure smaller birds and can get hurt themselves by picking on larger birds.

If you can offer any of these beautiful babies their forever perches, please complete an exotic animal adoption application form.