Binx and Erin

After a rough start in life these two little orphaned babies, Binx (Black) and Erin (Black and White) are ready to find their forever families.

Little pocket panther Binx was found on a very miserable day in late September. Cold and wet his cries were heard in the carpark of Merlin Park hospital.

Found at only 9 weeks old and all alone, when the call came, we just knew we had to send a volunteer to help.
How this little guy managed to get there we will never know but when our volunteer arrived she soon learned that he was a super friendly little fellow, used to human contact as he happily greeted her, knowing he was one of the lucky ones.
Like so many other little abandoned kittens poor little Binx was never claimed.

Sweet and gentle little Erin was found in a ditch, a sad and desperate sight. She was kept safe by her finder until space was found for her, yet another poor unfortunate orphan kitten.

Once their quarantine times were up, it was decided to pair Erin with Binx so they could learn key socialisation skills together and they were placed in an experienced foster home where they learned to be a part of family life.

Over the past few weeks these two have thrived and grown into fun, affectionate and playful, healthy kittens.
We are delighted that they are now ready to search for their own families either separately or together.

For more information on Binx and Erin, please contact our office on 091 563 631.