Bella and Pod

Pod, a brindle girl, was rehomed by us well over a year ago to a lovely couple who, in time, went on to add to their family by taking in Bella. Unfortunately, a few months ago, their circumstances changed and as per our adoption criteria, Pod was to be returned to us. But we couldn’t leave Bella without anywhere to go so we offered for her to come too. We would only be too delighted to think we could maybe, just maybe, find these girls a home together but also we are realistic to know that they may not need to and can be separated. Two beautiful girls with two very different personalities.

Pod is a Pit Bull x, and will be 3 years old at the end of this year. She has the most wonderful, happy outlook on life and is always smiling. She loves to run, play with toys and is always up for an adventure. She has a welcome for everyone she meets, at times a little too much of a welcome unless you don’t mind having your face and ears thoroughly washed 😅😄. Pod also loves water and has been known to fling herself in for a dip at any chance sometimes pulling her human along too as she can be strong on the lead when she makes up her mind to do or go somewhere 😂

At the end of a busy day Pod likes nothing more than to curl up on the sofa for a snooze. She also likes to stretch out, with her belly in air hoping any human around will give her lots of belly rubs. Pod has never lived with children, though is always sweet and affectionate with any that she has met but due to her bouncy nature we feel a home with teenagers up would be best.

Pod is friendly towards any dog she meets out and about, is house trained and can sit and stay, for a price of course, she ain’t stupid our Pod😛. Like many females, Pod enjoys the odd pampering session at the groomers, getting her nails done and having a quick wash, set and blow dry.

Pod will need a home where she will be kept busy with lots of activities,(walks and games). She cannot live with cats and cannot be homed to the UK or Northern Ireland due to her breed.

Little Bella is a very different character to her best friend Pod but complements her beautifully. Bella, the fawn girl, is a very self contained, reserved and shy Staffie x girl, approximately 2.5years old.

She likes her own space and takes her time in getting to know you and even then it’s often on Bella’s own terms as to how much attention she gives you. But she is always there, quietly watching, never causing any trouble and is never very far from Pods side. She comes into her own once her harness goes on and she gets out on a walk. Her tail comes up, her ears are on alert and she potters along easily taking it all in. Bella is always respectful towards any dog she meets on a walk and basically ignores them. She is one of the best behaved dogs in our sanctuary.

At night, Bella also likes to curl up on the sofa for a snooze, sometimes using her friend Pod as a cushion. In her previous home, Bella did often curl up on the lap of her dad (never her mum so it seems she may prefer men’s company) but it was always as she decided. Bella is house trained and likes to play with her toys.

In time, with love and patience, Bella will slowly creep even more into your heart and life, she just needs to know that she is safe. Due to Bella’s timid nature we feel she would fit best into a home with no young children.

We post these two best friends together in the hope that they can find their forever home together. If not, then we hope Bella, at least, can find a quieter home with another kind dog as a companion 🥰

Pod, well Pod is up for going anywhere with anyone as long as there’s fun and treats along the way 🤪😂

Indoor homes with fully secure gardens is a must for both girls.

If you can provide all of the criteria please complete an online adoption application form.

Bella and Pod’s Microchip numbers are available on request.