22nd September 2022

Barker arrived, with his pal Corbett, and is another little older terrier boy, approximately 9/10 years old.

Barker is delightful boy who loves his walks and sniffing in the hedges. He likes his human company but is equally happy to sit quietly on his own watching the world go by. Barker is a contained little man who likes his own space also. He is a boy who enjoys a quiet life without drama or too much excitement.

A mature gent, he is looking for a quieter home without children so he can peacefully chill away the day, enjoy his walks and some ear scratches too.

Let’s see if we can help Barker know he is loved and find someone to offer him his forever home.

Watch his video here.

27th August 2022

Barker, along with his buddy Corbett, was spotted straying on a rural laneway back last month. The lady who spotted them spent nearly 3 weeks trying to befriend them. She left her shed door open so that they would have some shelter and left out food daily. As time passed the two boys grew braver and began to trust her.

We were full beyond even our fullest capacity at the time but we kept in constant touch with Christine on the boys progress. Unfortunately one Saturday morning, Barker was seen being hit by a car and a frantic call from Christine at 8am sprang us all into action as we rushed to bring Barker (and Corbett) to our vets. Thankfully he suffered no serious injuries but now we had little choice but to bring the boys back to our overcrowded sanctuary. They went into Pacos Den which is a place we try desperately not to use as a “kennel space” but we had no kennel space and they remain living in Pacos Den, even now.

Barker is approximately 10 years old and a typical little terrier. Quite independent when he feels like it, he enjoys to potter around doing his own thing when out in the paddocks. Once he is satisfied that he has enough investigating done, he will toddle over for some attention. He prefers the quieter life and can’t be dealing with too much drama and fuss. He is a man who knows his own mind and needs humans who will respect that. He loves his walks but is also happy to chill, watching the world go by.

We feel a quiet home without too many people and no children would suit him best.

If you would like to apply to adopt Barker, please complete a dog adoption application form.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.

Barker’s Microchip can be provided on request.