Bantam arrived to us before Christmas from Waterford Pound. She is a tiny Saluki girl approximately 6/7 years old. Very underweight, the old scars on her body tell of a hard life prior to being picked up as a stray, like so many of the Sighthounds that cross our paths.

Bantam was lucky enough to find herself a foster home with a staff member and has taken to home living with ease. She is a quiet and extremely well mannered girl in the house, she listens and learns new things quickly. House trained and well past the ‘chewing’ stage Bantam is usually found curled up asleep on the sofa or stretched out snoring away happily on the human bed.

While Bantam is currently living with 3 other hounds, her foster mum feels that Bantam would prefer to be an only dog. Though she ‘puts up’ with the other hounds, and basically ignores them, she isn’t shy about telling them when she doesn’t want them on ‘her sofa’ or ‘her bed’ 😁. She is quite the little diva in her own quiet way and one who certainly won’t tolerate any rude or disrespectful behaviour from another dog 😛

Bantam walks easily on a lead/harness and has met other dogs without any fuss, she basically ignores them. She has been on day trips to busy places, nothing fazes this sweet girl and she is quite happy to go wherever. At times, she does scan the woods and open fields with interest, a throwback to the days when she was undoubtedly used for hunting rabbits/hares. Therefore Bantam would need to be kept on a lead, unless in a secure field or area, and would not be suitable to live with cats.

She has the sweetest and loving nature and enjoys cuddling up beside a human on the sofa, so we are hoping for a home where Bantam can have her humans around for most of the day or even a human who can bring their dog to work, as she enjoys the car. Bantam has met and spent time with children and has shown nothing but gentleness and affection towards them.

If you are looking for a small pint sized Saluki with a heart so willing to love and please, then maybe Bantam is the girl for you. She doesn’t ask for much, just lots of love and a quiet home life without drama, a good comfy sofa and time spent outdoors and indoors beside you.

For more information about Bantam, please contact Emma on  087 2765690.