Areo and Arean

Areo and her babies have been in our care for a couple of weeks. Soon after she arrived Areo became unwell and shut down for a few days, refusing to eat. Antibiotics helped the symptoms but nothing seemed to help her mood.

She was reunited with her kittens Arean, Geo, Mars and Seleno to see if they could encourage her back to her normal self. While Areo loved all her babies she had an extremely close bond with one of them in particular. Arean was the trick to getting her to eat.

While socialisation of the kittens continued and the kittens became tolerant of our volunteers some are still not especially happy with too much handling. We are always looking out for what is best for our cats and believe in only rehoming to suitable homes that fit our criteria. But that only works when the criteria fits the cat! So while the majority of the homes we seek must be predominantly indoors we are only too aware that some cats just don’t want that.

Areo is social and friendly but there is no doubt in our mind that she is happiest outside. So we are looking for very understanding home for Areo and Arean. This home will need to be an outdoor home where Areo will be allowed access to indoors as she does like to check in and mingle with her humans. It is likely that neither cat will be a lap cat but with some patience and understanding, and following his mums example, Arean may become happier around people and choose to pop in and say hi too!

They will need a secure area either indoors or outdoors to be kept in when they arrive and for a number of weeks after to allow them get acclimatised to their new surroundings and settle.

If you feel you can offer Areo and Arean a home please fill out an application form here and a member of the team will be in contact.