2nd Mar 2022
Mish, and her brother Mash, came to us in November 2021 as two terrified young dogs. They had been abandoned and were trying to survive on their own but had the good fortune to be spotted by a kind lady who worked hard over a couple of weeks to entice them, with food, into her […]
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25th Feb 2022
In early August 2021 we received a call about a little lurcher boy, in Tuam, with what appeared to be a broken leg. He was collected by us and brought straight to our vets. We named him Sheridan and he embarked on the long road to recovery. During his operation pins and plates were inserted […]
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22nd Feb 2022
Little Shine, who arrived to us in the most awful condition along with her sister Rise (happily rehomed), has found her pawfect family with The Vissers. She has spent the first week in her home exploring, sleeping, learning to walk on a lead and, of course, getting up to all kinds of mischief From her […]
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8th Feb 2022
In January, on a day off, 3 of team had made plans to meet up to walk their own dogs together. But this is rescue where you learn there’s no such thing as a day off as stray, abandoned dogs can be around any bend in the road. And that’s exactly what happened as one […]
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Lemon and Lime

8th Feb 2022
It’s the news that I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. Our two beautiful, brave and gentle girls, Lemon and Lime have made it home. These two girls were found huddled together under a hedge, the abuse and neglect they had suffered etched all over their bodies, their suffering clearly seen in their eyes. But […]
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4th Feb 2022
We couldn’t understand why Lhasas time with us was long as it was, as she is the most amazing girl. Despite many enquiries we kept holding out for the one that ticked every box. They say the best things come to those who wait and we are delighted to share with you the news that […]
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31st Jan 2022
Most of you will remember the two little sisters, Rise’n’Shine who were found in early December in a shed, barely alive at just 5 weeks old. Their bodies ravaged by mange, their little bellies so distorted from malnutrition, their legs twisted. Well that was then and after weeks of care from our amazing team at […]
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27th Jan 2022
Little Iggy came into our care when we received a call to say that he had been straying around the streets of Tuam. Thankfully our local, super foster family, “The Ralphs” were on standby and Iggy was soon collected and found himself tucked up and safe in their home. It didn’t take long for Iggy […]
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22nd Jan 2022
Giggles was found as a stray and ended up in a pound. It’s hard to believe but nobody came looking for him. We were able to offer him rescue space and Giggles arrived in style, on the front seat of one of our volunteers cars, with Kayak the lurcher, who we also offered space to, […]
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18th Jan 2022
Little Dante arrived to us on New Years Eve after he was found alone and scared on a housing estate in Galway City, just 8 weeks old. He settled into sanctuary life and became a happy, confident boy yet he was always anxious about us picking him up or cuddling him. It’s sad to think […]
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10th Jan 2022
4 years ago our small organisation was struck by the loss of one of our biggest characters. Not an animal, but a person. A person who moulded and shaped many a young volunteer into the passionate, driven and persistent team that walks our fields and cattery today. Wendy Davis crossed the bridge where we imagine […]
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10th Jan 2022
Little Trike didn’t hang around too long, as we expected. We had so many wonderful applications that we could have homed him 50 times over, but with only one Trike we could only choose one! Liz, Ray and their little rescue girl Alfie ticked all the boxes and with their home check complete, they arrived […]
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31st Dec 2021
Little Quiff waved goodbye as he headed off to his forever home in Mayo with his new Mum and Dad, Mary and Terry. Mary and Terry are no strangers to us here at Heathlawn as, in July 2020, they adopted one of Heathlawns biggest, and widest legends…Redmond. Every dog that passes through our gates at […]
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22nd Dec 2021
With over 120 applications flooding in offering Tilo a forever home, and they are still coming, it took us quite a while to get through them all. We involved Tilos original family every step of the way and last weekend it was that heartbreaking moment when they had to say goodbye as they watched their […]
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9th Dec 2021
Many of you will remember this little girl. She had a broken leg and was seen being dragged around by children in an estate in Galway. A kind lady intervened and contacted us. Magnet was approximately 4months old and had already endured cruelty and she did indeed have a badly broken back leg. Thanks to […]
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7th Dec 2021
In September we received a call about a large lab type dog straying around the back lanes of the bog in Ballinasloe with a long blue rope knotted tightly around her neck. Sadly we have picked up dogs in similar circumstances in the same area for many years. A kind, local lady had spotted her, […]
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6th Dec 2021
Rouge was found abandoned a couple of months ago by a kind lady. Rouge had shown all the signs of an emaciated, neglected girl so obviously used to pump out litter after litter. We were contacted to help and Rouge joined our little Heathlawn family. 6 years old she was the sweetest of girls who […]
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Mr. Chips

5th Dec 2021
Mr Chips arrived was rescued from the streets after we were notified that he had been straying for quite some time. A quirky little chap who took a little while to warm to us as his new friends. He just didn’t understand love and attention and for those first days he preferred his own company. […]
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4th Dec 2021
Bounty is the very last of our 9 Lurcher babies, that we rescued in mid August, to be rehomed. He and his brother, Lindor, took the long journey to the UK. Whilst Bounty may not have headed straight into his forever home, like his brother Lindor, he was heading into the loving and safe hands […]
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2nd Dec 2021
You will remember our 9 lurcher babies who arrived, in mid-August, as very sick, emaciated and mangy babies after there were cruelly left in a field to die. During the first weeks we held our breath as their health went up and down. We battled heavy worm burdens, mange, rickets, high temperatures, low temperatures and […]
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