21st Mar 2021
Little Lupa has gone from an abandoned stray on the streets to the “Princess of her Palace”. Carol had originally contacted us about another dog in our care but as we read through her application, we just knew Lupa was even more of a match for Carol and her husband Liam. They met and as […]
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15th Mar 2021
Another of our lucky dogs who got to pack up his belongings this weekend, as he headed off to start his new life with his new parents Melanie and Ben, was Riggs. Riggs journey to “finding his home” wasn’t always the smoothest and he struggled of late to cope with the stress and pressures that […]
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14th Mar 2021
Today was Tahiti’s day as she bagged herself an amazing new mum and dad, Caitriona and Damien. Tahiti arrived into our care a few months ago with her sister Bora Bora (rehomed). Two young, fun, loving collie girls who stole the hearts of everyone who cared for them. We know Tahiti, now called Sally, is […]
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Bora Bora

7th Mar 2021
It is two weeks since we chauffeured our young collie girl, Bora Bora, to her new home in Co Louth. Bora Bora caught the eye of the Arthur Family on our website and after reading through their online application, we thought they were the perfect match for her. Lucky Bora now lives a stones throw […]
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6th Mar 2021
Today was a happy day at Heathlawn as we waved goodbye to our beautiful girl Glayva. Glayva arrived to us with her 3 young pups (homed) after she was removed by the Gardaí from unsuitable conditions. The sweetest, kindest girl who, after years of pumping out pups, deserved the very best home we could find. […]
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1st Mar 2021
By now this little lurcher boy is no stranger to those of you who have followed his story from the beginning. He was found, thrown onto a river bank in a plastic bag at just 6/7 weeks old, picked up and brought to safety by Michelle, the Offaly Dog Warden, and arrived at Heathlawn the […]
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26th Feb 2021
Morello was the first of Kirschs babies to fly the nest, this week, as he headed off with his new Mum and Dad, Breege and Mike. Off to a life of fun, adventures and so many cuddles on the sofa. Thank you Breege and Mike for choosing to adopt. Have a wonderful life sweet boy
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26th Feb 2021
Kirsch, and a number of other dogs, came into our care last November when we worked with the local Gardaí. Kirsch was heavily pregnant and soon after she arrived, she gave birth. Not much more than a pup herself, Kirsch threw herself into her new role with devotion and love. She was just the sweetest, […]
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23rd Feb 2021
Well this was one chap who didn’t hang around very long, his paws barely touched the ground before he had visitors. Caffrey arrived from Mullingar Pound after he was found wandering the streets. When no-one came forward to claim him he travelled to our sanctuary where we had a cosy kennel awaiting him. The sweetest, […]
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20th Feb 2021
A few weeks ago we were alerted to an 8 week old puppy wandering around the bog in Ballinasloe. Thankfully a caring member of the public scooped her up, brought her to safety and contacted one of our volunteers. One of our team drove to collect her and took her home. She was cold, hungry […]
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20th Feb 2021
Last weekend the O’Dowd family, including their existing dog John-Jo, arrived at Heathlawn to bring home the new addition to their family, baby Cointreau. Our little boy was the last of his siblings to fly the nest and, though it has only been a week, Cointreau (now Beau) has already been learning lots of new […]
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18th Feb 2021
In late 2020 we started to receive calls about a dog that had been seen wandering in the Ahascragh area. Unfortunately, this poor dog was so terrified of people it was impossible to pin him down. Hanging around gardens in the search of food but bolting as soon as a door opened, or a person […]
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15th Feb 2021
At the end of November we received a call about a very scared, malnourished, mangy and exhausted dog who had been running around Galway City in and out of a student complex. No matter how hard some kind hearted people tried this boy was just too afraid. Finally, near the point of complete exhaustion a […]
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9th Feb 2021
Early yesterday morning Fifty was on the road, tucked up on our van, accompanied by one of our team. 11 year old setter boy Fifty had no idea that his life was about to change in the most amazing way. 2.5 hrs, and after a few coffee stops , later Fifty arrived at the border […]
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7th Feb 2021
You will remember Balfie and his arrival to us mid January from Mullingar Pound. Balfie’s life had been turned upside down by the sad passing of his Dad and he came to us as a sad and confused boy. At first, Balfie seemed to enjoy his new life with us but after a couple of […]
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5th Feb 2021
Soju was one of a group of dogs that was seized by the Gardaí, with our assistance, in early December 2020. Soju was riddled with fleas and had a nasty infected wound on her head. But what a super little girl she was with a tail that never stopped wagging, once she realised she was […]
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1st Feb 2021
Due to circumstances late last year Cohen needed a new home. A big, bouncy boy who struggled to adjust to sanctuary life but he never stopped believing us when we kept telling him that we would find him the most perfect home, one that was used to bigger breeds and who were willing to be […]
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31st Jan 2021
Hooper was placed in a pound by his family a couple of months ago. Thankfully, for Hooper, it was a pound with a compassionate and hardworking dog warden and team who do everything possible to make sure each dog gets out to homes or reputable rescues. We saw Hooper and offered him rescue space with […]
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Magpie and Sparrow

29th Jan 2021
Sparrow and Magpie have well and truly settled into their forever home with the Allen family! The family were only two happy to keep the boys together and understood that there was something very special about the bond they had! Thank you Allen’s for opening your home to our wonderful kittens
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Kamala and Ozzie

24th Jan 2021
Kamala and Ozzie were a little bit nervous this weekend as they found themselves in our Cattery, instead of their foster home, for the first time. But it was a good reason!! Both Kamala and Ozzie were going to meet their new families and begin their happy ever afters in their new homes! Kamala was […]
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